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Every day I wake up, open my eyes and wonder what has changed in the world. It only takes a minute for me to realize that things do not change by themselves, but that we must walk hand in hand to achieve change. It’s time for us, women, to rise up and overcome the stereotypes that have dominated our lives for centuries. It’s time to break free from these ideas and restore our belief in our unlimited powers, our right to dream big and our ability to reshape the world.

"Fight Back Sis"

Gain free entry when you bring another woman

No ‘perfect woman’ allowed

JUNE 16TH, 2022


Are you ready to open up and join us in a life changing conference?

Today, here and now, I urge all women to attend the event so we can walk together on the path of our destiny to reveal what God inspires us to aim for. Improving and deepening our relationship with our Savior are the first step on our walkway to achieve the blueprint God create for each one of us.

So baby girls, I feel you and here I am addressing each of you, there is no better time than now to join our conference and start rewriting your life story, grow your faith and relearn how to love yourself for your qualities but especially for your flaws! Improve that confidence and self-esteem and believe in the power within you.

An event dedicated to all women.

I remember my young self and how I was struggling financially and mentally. I had no idea how to get out of this impasse and get back to a normal life. At that time, I so wished I had someone to guide me to liberation.

Today, I want to stand for all women who fight financial issues, dependency, relationship problems, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, depression, abuse, harassment, rape, assault… and go on. I am here for you and this conference is the first step of the thousand miles journey of every woman. You will learn how to find your voice, awaken your power and elevate your soul.

In this special event, every woman will discover the power within her to dare to accept every life challenge and let God guide her to the right path.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to stand out and take your kingdom power back!

Don’t settle to the fears that imprison you and prevent you from following your dreams. Remember whatever you are facing, it is only a challenge that you have the power to overcome because YOU deserve life, love and happiness.

Break that invisible cage that surrounds you and suffocates you. Above all, let go of those who tell you that you are not enough. Baby girl, you are enough. You are more than enough. You are the greatest creation made by the hands of God himself, how can you not be enough!

In our community, we don’t seek for perfection. We accept all our human flaws. In this conference, no perfect woman is allowed, as we are not seeking for illusional perfection but we encourage every woman to start Loving HERself! Moreover, since change only happens if we spread love and care around us, let’s establish this event in a two by two approach. Allowing every woman to bring another woman that she cherish to gain FREE ENTRY. Don’t procrastinate, only few seats lefts!

Who is Dr. Shamile S Bernard?

Also known as the original love doctor, she is a certified international speaker, vision/goal boarding specialist, infidelity recovery mentor, qualified Family/Life/Relationship Strategist, and CEO of Majestic Kingdom and She inspires and equips all families and millennials with the tools needed to regulate their lives and marriage. She helps them crush obstacles standing in the way of their destiny. She has been working with couples and individuals towards building better relationships for over 10 years. Apart from relationship strategizing, she also does life and business vision coaching for new couple entrepreneurs.

As an experienced faith-based coach, she spreads her messages, lessons, and programs with several audiences and clients in Trinidad and Tobago, around the Caribbean, New York, and even Canada. She has had many success stories with families with whom she has worked. Many of her clients were able to birth businesses due to the work she has put in with them through her business vision coaching from schools, non-profit organizations, collaborations, conferences, and churches. The mission is to teach, guide, empower, influence, and motivate through vision boarding. Apart from being a Family Strategist, she is also a serial entrepreneur managing five (5) successful organizations. She is a wife, mother, motivational speaker, event coordinator, songwriter, the founder of Love Never Fails- Couples Luxury Retreat and HER Breakthrough -Women Luxury Retreat and an author. With all these many hats being worn by Dr. Shamile S Bernard, she is most passionate about families, relationships, love, and helping couples and individuals acquire healing.

She has her Diploma in Family/Relationship Studies, Associate Degree in Childcare, Education and Cosmetology, Master’s in Business Administration, and Doctorate.

Please note, God is the foundation of this event.
See you at the Finish Line.

Love Always,

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