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Platinum Romantic Couple Escape


Romantic love is that erotic spark, excitement, and an overwhelming sense of attraction to your significant other. But with time, the emotional and physical expression of erotic love tends to fade in many couples. Because Date Night allows a couple to focus on their connection completely, the erotic spark may be restored by the intentional pursuit of romance, novelty, and more in-depth communication. Date Nights may not only rekindle the romance, but regular Date Nights can also help sustain the fires of love over the long haul. Only a VVIP couple would appreciate the value of this package.

Investment:  $3500 TTD

Date Nights build attachment. When you experience the commitment of your partner, your sense of being firmly attached will provide you with a stable, deeply satisfying relationship. Partners who cherish and prize each other, who steer clear of other romantic opportunities, and who nurture a strong sense of “we-ness” or togetherness are significantly happier than those less-committed, “iffy” couples. Commitment is scary. But commitment satisfies deeply. Dates foster an abiding sense of “couple hood.” The deliberate planning and pursuit of date night allow partners to choose one another—in front of friends and family. This package allows you to see exactly what you’ve been missing. The Platinum Couples Experience.

Our “PLATINUM” Package Includes

  • A Private Experience
  • (2) Full Body Swedish Massages
  • (2) Loving Yourself Facials
  • (2) Loving Yourself Pedicures
  • (2) Loving Yourself Manicures
  • 2 Robes (Rental)
  • (2) Pedicure Slippers (Rental)
  • (2) Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Duration: 4 -5 hours of Platinum Escape

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