SPEAKER The Love Doctors spirited soul, powerful messages, and significant experiences makes her one of the most influential enabling speakers of this generation. She is focused on reaching individuals, Couples, Families, and millennials with her hands-on moralities. She focuses on guiding her audience to tap into their purpose and potential to take control of their lives.

She has shared her messages and lessons of empowerment and inspiration to hundreds of people at a time, across various events not only in Trinidad and Tobago but United States, Canada and throughout the Caribbean. Some have described the experience as “life-changing” and “thought-provoking.”

Finding true love is starting a friendship caught on fire. Dr S will get to know you personally, will listen to what you have to say, will accept you, just the way you are, and will care about your life as much as you do.
Are you stuck?

Is your RELATIONSHIP caught on fire without the friendship?
Dr. S will help you find where your communication may be stuck, where you may be going in different directions, and show you ways to restore the harmony. She will encourage you and keep in touch with you for as long as you want to be mentored. You can be the best version of yourself and have a great life as soon as you decide.

Duration: 1 HR
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