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This innovation intensive coaching program will not only build a Sound Marital House that Is Built to Last a Lifetime in 3 days, it will SAVE you from DIVORCE COURT!


to start a New Trend in your Family Before you Say I do!

Couples invest thousand on their wedding and minimal on their Marriage.

Don’t let that be your Story!

Wedding bells ringing?

Before you plan for your big day, don’t forget to plan for the married life ahead of you!

Get pre-marital counseling from Dr. Shamile Bernard on a 3-day weekend trip to any of your favorite resorts/hotels! Together, let’s welcome the magic of self-love while preparing for life’s toughest challenges that comes with Marriage!

Our intensive and full-of-love 3-day coaching program would allow engaged couples to get the best marriage advice and counseling sessions before they say I do!

I will be spending these 3 days with you either prior to marriage or after the wedding day to help you navigate the complexities of married life and teach you the art of intimacy, healing and trust building so that you are prepared for everything that comes your way with your spouse.

You don't make those vows to break them! So I am here to coach you for a married life filled with love, communication and trust!

How will I help you?

As a pre-marital counselor, I have worked for nearly 10 years with clients around the world who have come to me with different levels of bonding and experience in love. I have helped them heal, grow closer, find love in the most extraordinary ways and build a bond that would last forever!

I will fly over to your hotel or resort and instill in you renewed love and passion for your spouse, coaching you for a much tougher life ahead with faith-based strategies and proven marital systems so that you are not only closer to your partner but also to God.

The only marriage planner you need!

Feeling fulfilled with your marriage is something that requires counseling, and I am here to give you just that. Some people hire wedding planners, spiritual planners, and life coaches, so why not hire a marriage planner who can prepare you for the biggest step of your life and help ease things for your comfort?

And so much more….

Best Coaching Experience for All Engaged Couples

Research shows that 92% of couples who participate in Premarital Coaching report it helped in their marriage. Get the tools you need to create the marriage you desire!

Get a 3-day VIP immersive experience with Dr. Shamile Bernard, who will take you through the journey of wellness. Ask yourself now:

Do I want to be in a fulfilling marriage?

Choosing Dr. Shamile Bernard is the only way forward!

Your I Vow Takeaways

  • One VIP 90-minute strategy call – $697 value
  • 3 days before you say I do coaching sessions(equivalent to 2 years of coaching) – $7997 value
  • Two 45-minute accountability calls after the wedding – $697 value

A weekend for exclusively love-one-on-one coaching power pack sessions geared towards building an unbreakable bond between you are your lifetime partner.

Let's Talk


  • Learn my secrets – how I did it – $3997 value
  • Learn success secrets for a smooth marriage – $9,997 value
  • Healthy pillow talk systems – $Priceless
  • Power-Couple date night ideas – $2097
  • Receive a customized action plan – $1897
  • Secrets to withstand Marital Storms – $1597
  • The right marital management system – $1287
  • Go from overwhelmed to organize – $Peace of Mind
  • Break generational curses – $Generational Wealth
  • Build a family legacy – $No Marital Worries


$10,297 vs. a full payment of $30,263

SAVE: $19,966

*Limited spots available*

Please note, the cost doesn’t include: Travel expenses and lodging for Dr. Shamile S. Bernard & Mr. Bernard-this is an additional charge based on your location.

I want to “LEVEL UP” before Marriage!

See you at the finish line!

Love Always,
Dr. Shamile S Bernard 🙂 
The Original Love Doctor ❤️