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Being Christian we sometimes question our ability to judge the characteristics of others but now you have help! Devoted Dating is here to help you. Our searches are extensive. We are extremely selective and confidential. Our promise to you is to help you find your Boaz or Naomi. We take pride in our work and we aim to be the best at providing a service beyond measure for all SINGLE CHRISTIANS in Trinidad and Tobago.

We will evaluate every candidate through a well sought developed screening process. All the good ones aren’t taken, you just need help finding your other half. All you need from us is the introduction and a step in the right direction.


About Devoted Dating

What makes us different

We are:

  • Confidential: your profile remains private. It is not available for viewing by any other candidates/ clients.
  • Time Efficient: we save you the hassle and worry of many searches in the wrong direction. You can spend your time dating instead of searching. From match selection to the introduction, we are your devoted helper.
  • Personal: we devote our time to screening and selecting personalized hand-selected quality matches. Our dedicated matchmakers will connect you with like-minded Christian singles.
  • Extra-ordinary: in this constantly changing economy, we provide our clients with both face-to-face dating experiences as well as virtual experiences (due to covid 19). Afterall, Chemistry is important but Character is golden.
  • Safe and reliable: there is NO CATFISHING. The identity of all of our members are verified.

Your match is waiting to meet you.

Purpose Of Devoted Dating

Our lives are constantly changing daily and so is our focus. Nowadays, we are now more determined to build our careers, buy that dream house as well as spend quality time with family and friends. In turn, our love lives suffer. Devoted Dating’s approach to matching in Trinidad and Tobago is set to cater to your individual and personal needs. Each client will receive an initial consultation before being set up on dates to ensure the traits of a potential match is vetted.

Do you think all the eligible Christian men and women in Trinidad and Tobago are taken? Think again!!! Let us help you. Our matchmaking services are comprehensive and transformative. Apply for membership today!!!

Devoting Dating In 7 steps

  • Step 1 MINDSET-It’s no secret that your mindset can impact your health, relationships, and mood. Your mindset can also impact how you feel about dating, the subsequent actions you take, and the results that you get. Everything negative you have experienced or heard on your dating journey we recommend that you unlearn.
  • Step 2-APPLY-Complete the membership application form. We’ll review your  application and if you are approved, after making payment you’ll be added to our exclusive pool of Christian members that’s devoted to dating towards marriage. Within 7 days you’ll receive feedback. Tell us your story. We want to know your dating history and what you’re looking for in a potential devoted Christian partner. 
  • Step 3-THE SEARCH-After completing your membership process, we’ll search our pool of members to find suitable matches based on your specific Our matchmakers use a mixture of awareness, decades of experience, and what they’ve learned about you to carefully hand-select your matches. We’ll share details about who we’ve chosen for you and once you’ve approved, we would set up the date.
  • Step 4-PREPARATION- The only way to discover if you are attracted to someone is to have an official date. We do all the work to arrange the date and let you take it from there. Don’t worry — there’s no pressure. Be your authentic self.
  • Step 5-THE DATE-We recommend that your first date should be done virtually. We believe that dating virtually offers countless benefits, from saving time to boosting safety, to creating a space to actually get to know someone before diving headlong into each other’s lives. But will it change the face of dating forever? No! Once comfortable you’ll have the opportunity to meet in person at our Realationship Love Resort. We love in-person dates over video dates since humans can’t help but crave physical contact. However, virtual dating will simply add to that process by allowing people to connect more conveniently and test out their chemistry and character before they meet in person.
  • Step 6-FEEDBACK Sharing feedback about your date is an important part of the matching process. Devoting Dating will use your feedback to fine-tune the selection for your next match.
  • Step 7-ENJOY THE JOURNEY-Dating is a journey.

         If you believe you’ve connected with a devoted dater and want to explore a new relationship. BONUS-You can continue to date or put your membership on hold. We’ll be ready with your next match if things don’t go as expected.

Devoted Dating Perks

  • Customized and Private service
  • Unlimited exclusive matches
  • 15-20 minutes Zoom meeting with our matchmaker
  • Pre-arranged virtual dates OR in person dates at one of our Realationship Love Resort.
  • Postdate review sessions


A matchmaking service takes the personal legwork out of dating by outsourcing “the search” for interesting, like-minded individuals to a team of professionals. Just as you might use a fitness trainer to get in shape or a financial planner to improve your financial situation, busy single Christians outsource their dating lives to Devoted Dating matchmakers.

No, this is not online dating. This is not free dating. Devoted Dating is a private, personalized premium matchmaking service. Instead of spending hours searching through online profiles or  swiping screens, you will spend time on face-to-face dates. Our matchmakers get to know you, and then hand select your matches. It’s personal, it’s private, it’s effective and it’s off-line.

  • We do the work. You do the dating. From match selection to introductions, we are your dating personnel. Spend your time dating instead of searching and planning.
  • We are here for you. You always have someone to talk to. Unlike online dating, we are here to talk about your preferences and dating experiences.
  • We get to know you and your dating preferences and then hand select matches just for you.
  • We guarantee you will go out on dates.
  • We’re private. At Devoted Dating, there’s no need for online dating profiles as we aren’t an online dating site. We take dating offline so dating is personal again.
  • No more online profiles for the world to see. It’s just between you and your matchmaker.

First, you complete our membership application form, then you partake in a confidential interview with us where we  learn more about who you are, and what you are looking for in a match. We look forward to talking with you and determining if Devoted Dating is a good fit for you.

One of our professional matchmakers will hand-select matches for you based upon the information you provided in your membership application form combined with the on- going feedback we receive from you after every date and our matchmaker’s intuition. The feedback we receive from you after every date is an important part of our dating process selections as it allows us to fine tune your matches!

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