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The Realationship Love Resort is an online and an offline resort that is created to help couples, individuals, and new entrepreneurs go to the next level of their personal life, relationship or business. The brand is comprised of self-help materials, couple’s spa services, therapy, mentoring, coaching, products, live and virtual events. You also have access to VIP masterminds which are geared towards helping couples as well as individuals develop winning strategies for a successful mindset, for life management and for multiple streams of income.

We believe you can accomplish anything in your life by Redefining Failure and Shifting your mindset so you can build your dream relationship or your personal life.

  • Fight Fearlessly for It!
  • Fight to the finish line!
  • Fight Back!
  • Never give up!
  • Don’t Tap Out!
  • The closer you are to the finish line the harder things seem.

Who Are We Most Helpful To?

The Realationship Love Resort exists to help couples and individuals construct a great foundation and RESET their lives and marriages after infidelity.  This is accomplished by building a team of individuals, couples and entrepreneurs who strive for excellence. Our hope is to create individuals who desire to be systematically organized and fight hard to manage their marriages as well as their personal lives to build the life of their dreams.

Our Mission is to empower you with information that redefines and IGNITES your passion to build a stronger and better marriage and personal life. We will help you unmask every area that’s holding you back from achieving greatness. We believe that it is your God-given right to succeed on EVERY level of your marriage, business and life!

Let’s RESET your Next Level Today!

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Meet Dr Shamile S Bernard

Also known as the love doctor or Dr S, she is a certified international speaker, vision/goal boarding specialist, horn expert, qualified Family/Life/Relationship Strategist and CEO of Majestic Kingdom http://majestickingdom.org/. She inspires and equips all families and millennials with tools needed to regulate their lives. She helps them crush obstacles standing in the way of their destiny. She has been working with couples and individuals towards building better relationships for over 10 years. Apart from relationship coaching she also does life and business vision coaching for new entrepreneurs.


As an experienced coach, she spread her messages, lessons and programs with audiences and clients in Trinidad and Tobago, around the Caribbean, in New York and even Canada. Dr. S has had many success stories with families she has worked with as well as many of her clients were able to birth businesses due to the work, she has put in with them through her business coaching. From schools, non-profit organizations, corporations, conferences, and churches, the mission is to teach, guide, empower, influence, and motivate through vision boarding.
Apart from being a coach, Dr. S is also a serial entrepreneur managing five (5) successful organizations. She is a wife, mother, motivational speaker, event coordinator, song writer and author. With all these many hats being worn by Dr Shamile S Bernard, she is most passionate about families, relationships, love and helping couples and individuals acquire healing.


She has her diploma in Family/Relationship Studies, Associate Degree in Childcare, Education and Cosmetology, Master in Business Administration and Doctorate.
So How Bad Do You Need It? This is her first question at every session TIME TO INVEST IN YOUR LIFE. Only when you make an INVESTMENT you can expect a return. Let me be your professional friend.

Dr. Shamile S Bernard
1-868-744- BABY(2229)


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